Caterpillar Coaster Carnival Rides

Caterpillar Coaster Carnival Rides

Size: L120xH3.4M Capacity:18P Power:3.6KW Voltage:380V Speed:Adjustable Space Area:24x12M


Brief Introduction:

Caterpillar Coaster is a new type of carnival rides for people which runs on the interchange track. The equipment is widely welcomed by children and adults.

1,This worm roller coaster has Locomotive, 3 cabins in middle and tailstock, 5 cabins in total. The locomotive and tailstock can hold 2 persons separately, and 4 persons can sit in every middle cabin.
2,This fruit worm roller coaster regards Caterpilar as its theme, unque novel and vivid design, bright painting color will attracts deeply both kids and adults. Also Hot sale adult rides amusement train equipment super high, long and fluctuant track make you shuttle back and forth in wonderful animal world.
3, When the equipment start running, it drives on the long track and become fast gradually, it can bring you a strong feeling of exciting and thrilling.
4,The whole designs in updated cartoon figures and colorful painting make players enjoy great happiness and stimulation.

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