Ferris Ring Carnival Fair Rides

Ferris Ring Carnival Fair Rides

Size: D10xH11M Capacity:12P Power:12KW Voltage:14KW Speed:Adjustable Space Area:12x6M


Brief Introduction:

Ferris ring carnival fair ride is a large-scale machinery play equipment, visitors can ride the trolley along the track round flip, thrills, popular among teenagers tourists.
Ferris ring ride track is round, there are two large rings, like a big clock on both sides, one side of a pointer, as the device startup, the pointer 360° swing, the effect is very exciting.
Players will experience thrilling,exciting ,quick and rotary speed.The decorative ferris wheel  carnival games has 2rings, and 6seats for every ring,12 seats in total.
Each ring of the decorative ferris wheel carnival games work singly in clockwise or anticlockwise direction and rotate at 360angle. As such a thrilling and interesting amusement ride,widely used in amusement park,theme park,outdoor playground.

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