Space Hunting Self-Control Plane

Space Hunting Self-Control Plane

Size: H6.2m Capacity:24P Power:18Kw Voltage:380V Speed:1.5m/s Space Area:Φ12m


Brief Introduction:

Space Hunting is our 2017 new self-control plane amusement carnival rides, which mix the video games with mechanical movements together. 
The top FRP decoration is designed according to the space aircraft, and the whole FRP parts also can prevent water into the machine.
The huge LED screen below it, with clear and attractive games, people can see it from a long way.
Next is the mechanical parts, 6 hydraulic cylinders connect to 6 arms, each arm with 2 cabins, each cabin can take 2 adults, so 24 adults can play the games together.

Mechanical parts: Hydraulic system control the arms lift up and down.

Video games: Dia2*H0.96m huge LED screen, P3 material, 10 years quality guarantee.
At least 3 games for your choice.

High quality Imitation guns. When you shoot, the lights on, and gun shake, like the real shooting.

Wider FRP seats, two adults can take it. Two buttons in it, passengers can control the seats up and down by themselves.

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