Rotating Bounce Thrill Amusement Rides

Rotating Bounce Thrill Amusement Rides

Size: D14xH5m Capacity:36P Power:80KW Voltage:380V Speed:Adjustable Space Area:D15m


Brief Introduction:

1,Rotating Bounce Thrill Carnival Amusement Rides belongs to spinning bounce rides which is popular in amusement park and outdoor fairground. 
2,Rotating bounce machine is composed of a rotating center and lifting arms acting with air cylinder. The nice effect of "Jumping" is generally thanks to a special pneumatic system. The equipment will rotate, do up-and-down movement around the center by the controlled PLC process.
3,There are 3 seats in a row and connected with each arms around central axis. When starts, the axis rotates, arms of jumping bounce rides will be lifted into the air. Meanwhile, cockpits of jumping bounce machine rides can rotate in both directions(clockwise &anticlockwise). 
4,Rotating Bounce Ride has 10 arms, 3seats for each arm, and 30 seats in total. Clients can increase or decrease arms amount according to your requirements.
5,Steel seat fender-guard, safety-belt and toeboards are installed for each cockpit to ensure players are protected from any damege.

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