Mini Tagada Rides with Trailer

Mini Tagada Rides with Trailer

Size: H2.2m Capacity:10p Power:10Kw Voltage:220V/380V Speed:Adjustable Space Area:4x3m


Brief Introduction:

Product Description of Trailer Amusement Rides Mini Tagada

Trailer Amusement Rides Mini Tagada for sale, this is our new type tagada with more LED Lights, special design for kids! Deign from children's safety and exciting feeling!
In the strong centrifugal force, You will feel high-speed rotation, thrilling stimulation, French pleasure, memorable.
Disco tagada turntable can be rotated 45 ° degree. Start to sit down and rotate the cockpit to the highest point, Then a sudden drop, to bottom side with irregular movement.
Trailer  Mini Tagada Ride rotates at high speed, you can feel the surrounding objects rotating at high speed, so that you attend to the surrounding landscape, accompanied by powerful music, constantly jumping flashing lights, to bring people who play there to experience the joy of not only stimulate.

Sinorides services:
1.Pre-sale services: Free to provide detailed product information, specifications and variety of products for your choice.
2.Sale of services: to provide you with on-site installation and commissioning guidance to ensure the safe use of product to normal according to your request ASAP with our responsible spirit and attitude.
3.After-sale services: find the problem and solve it. In warranty period, we provide free-repair service and accessories. If out of warranty period, we provide onerous product lifetime service.

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