Trailer Mounted Mini Ferris Wheel

Trailer Mounted Mini Ferris Wheel

Size: L5.7*W2.7*H4m Capacity:16p Power:3KW Voltage:220V/380V Speed:2rpm Space Area:5*3.5m


Brief Introduction:

Product Description of Trailer Mounted mini ferris wheel rides

Trailer mounted mini ferris wheel also named portable mini ferris wheel belongs to the vertical rotating around the horizontal axis and the seats hang around the side types equipment. Especially in the night, the luxury LED lights make the ferris wheel more beautiful. Kids sit in the overhead bin, ups with the turntable, broaden our horizon and have a good view of the beautiful scenery.
Sinorides Trailer Mounted mini ferris wheel belongs to the sightseeing cars, whose cockpit looks like the small hanging baskets, each cabin can take two people. Cabin of the small ferris wheel is driven slowly, tourists can sit in the cabin to enjoy the scene around you through an much higher angle.
Sinorides mini ferris wheel for kids with 5/10 mini flower baskets for kiddie riding, and each cabin for 2 kids, It will be your ideal kiddie park rides because of its amazing appearance, innovative design and unique structure it is very comfortable, relaxed, exciting and enjoyable
Different Kinds of Carnival Rides Ferris wheel

Swonder factory offer various trailer mounted rides for your choice, such like mini ferris wheel, mini pirate ship, carousel, flying chairs, coffee cups, mini pendulum, bouncing car, bumper car, etc.
Trailer mounted rides are very popular for the different fairs and fetes; its very convenient and easy to move from one place to another place, and easy to install and dismantle.
We also can design the carnival rides accordingly, you just need to send us the detailed pictures or your requirements. We will offer you the design drawing, specification, etc.
As the customers’ feedback, the business is very good, you really need to try.

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