Trailer Mounted Pigboat Rides

Trailer Mounted Pigboat Rides

Size: H3.3m Capacity:8p Power:3KW Voltage:220V/110V Speed:Adjustable Space Area:L5.75 X W1.5 X H3.3M


Brief Introduction:

1, Trailer Mounted Pigboat Ride is one of the rotating and sliding carnival rides. It is suitable for everyone, especially for children, because it's a theme ride of using the image of ocean, and we can see a diver and many kinds of fishes in the ocean and there is a boat above the sea level.
2, It can slide in circular rotation along the track and it has good-looking appearance, bright color and vivid FRP images. When passengers are in the pigboat, it can rotate steadily and slide along the track smoothly. With twinkling, colorful lights and pleasant music, passengers can feel they are traveling in a magic ocean world.
3, This ride is very popular in carnivals, amusement parks, theme parks, and some other indoor and outdoor playgrounds. In addition, it has a strong adaptability, then you can place it anywhere you want.

Sinorides factory offer various trailer mounted rides for your choice, such like mini ferris wheel, mini pirate ship, carousel, flying chairs, coffee cups, mini pendulum, bouncing car, bumper car, etc.
Trailer mounted rides are very popular for the different fairs and fetes, its very convenient and easy to move from one place to another place, and easy to instal and dismantle.
As the customers feedback, the business is very good, you really need to try.

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