2017 China (Beijing) International Amusement Equipment Expo

2017 China (Beijing) International Amusement Equipment Expo(CAE) held in Beijing National Convention Center, March 17, 2017.  The exhibition hall area of ​​over 42,000 square meters, more than 400 exhibitors, held at the same time "China's entertainment industry development conference" to "play no boundaries" as the theme, and actively promote the "ice industry + play", "real entertainment + play", "Internet + play" cross-border integration, invited snow industry, film and television entertainment , The Internet and other popular industry leaders on behalf of experts and scholars to fully explore the entertainment around the format of innovation, development and integration, to create a complete amusement industry chain, to participants at home and abroad to provide in-depth exchanges and cooperation opportunities, and strive to make the conference a pleasure industry cooperation win-win The platform.
Henan Swonder Amusement Rides Co., Ltd. is a member of the China Amusement Park Amusement Park Association, is a set design, research and development, production, sales and installation as one of the professional equipment manufacturers.

Over the years, my company in the amusement equipment design and manufacturing has accumulated a solid strength and rich experience. My company has a full range of mechanical processing equipment and improve the detection equipment. The company has consistently adhered to the "science and technology as the guide, depending on the quality of life" business philosophy, always concerned about the domestic and foreign entertainment industry new developments, new trends, specifically established by senior engineers, designers and market analysts composed of new product development Departments, making products continue to innovate and upgrade. With our unique creativity and superb professional skills, the company launched a series of new products, our unique design concept, stylish product appearance, thrilling, realistic color of the product style, has been recognized by the majority of customers and Praise.

Our Company can plan, design and construct the overall playground and theme parks for the clients, train the management staff of the playground and the maintenance personnel of the amusement equipment. We warmly welcome the broad masses of domestic and foreign customers visit, dedication to you will be more, better quality products and warm service. Staring up the world odd people willing to work with you for the development of China's entertainment industry contribute to create brilliant! 

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