2017 Queensland EKKA Carnival

2017 Queensland EKKA Carnival Play Guide to Experience the Most Pure Australian Rural Life

The Queensland EKKA Carnival will be held in Brisbane, Queensland, from August 5 to August 14, 2017. Queensland EKKA Carnival is also known as Brisbane EKKA Carnival! Queensland EKKA Carnival Brisbane and Queensland Folklore It is also one of the most important and popular festivals in Queensland each year and is the most important festival to experience the most authentic Australian village life.

Queensland EKKA Carnival
Held from August 5 to August 14, 2017
Venue: Brisbane Showgrounds, 600 Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills QLD 4006 Australia
Arrival traffic: EKKA is only 1.5 km from the city center, in addition to the bus can go, the Queensland Railway in the EKKA during the year will also increase the train line direct EKKA.

About Queensland EKKA Carnival
Queensland's August belongs to EKKA, every year more than 40 million people poured into the park to celebrate the festival, this is a national activity. For the Queensland people, EKKA is their common memories from young to old. 137 years ago, Queensland people have already begun to celebrate EKKA, then only a simple agricultural exhibition. Now it has become a collection of entertainment activities of the grand festival. Ten days of Carnival time, Brisbane this modern city suddenly changed the style; authentic Australian village life came to everyone around. From the brute force in the log competition, to close contact with the small animals in the farm, during the day in the playground enjoy screaming, sitting on the grass at night to enjoy the gorgeous fireworks, every family to EKKA are happy in them.

Queensland EKKA Carnival Play Recommended
EKKA Exclusive Experience - Animal Nursery
Australia's creatures can be more than koala kangaroo, EKKA most popular animal nursery (Tour of Animal Nursery), to meet all your expectations of the spider; you can give every cute little animal a hug! There are more than 10,000 animals come to the exhibition this year, they are children's favorite.  After washing your hands, you can directly enter the cattle, and they you can play with the cattle, sheep, dogs and other small animals.

EKKA exclusive experience - logging competition
During the ten days of the EKKA Carnival, 42 events were held in 11,200 levels of the tournament. Competition items are varied, from the painting, photography, beauty to the cake, vegetables, fish, cheese, and even livestock and so on.
Logging competition, perhaps the most in line with EKKA "the countryside to the city" theme of the game, the log arena always gathered around the audience, players on the pitch a few people a group, round the axe, splashed sawdust, swinging between all show masculinity.

EKKA Exclusive Experience - Joyful SHOW BAG
For the Australian children, one of the most anticipated things in EKKA is to get the show bag. It is similar to China's "blessing bag", the outside is a colorful plastic or paper packaging, the bag is usually filled with toys, candy, chocolate and so on. Here there is a whole hall are selling show bag business, more than 335 kinds of surprises spree, see people dazzled.

EKKA Exclusive Experience - Fashion Parade
In 1980, EKKA Fashion Parade has been a hot show, is never miss EKKA experience up to now. In every afternoon at half past twelve, 1 PM, 3 PM each a show, the show has not yet started already full. Here you can see the works of Queensland's top designers, acrobatics, magic, Latin dance program again and again to a climax.

EKKA Exclusive Experience - Woolworth Food House
EKKA originated in the Royal Queensland National Association of Agricultural Industry (referred to as RNA), in 1875, to encourage the development of Queensland Province, the first line of industry, held a large event, and the opening day as the national holiday, the following year, the first royal show Was born. In the Woolworth Food Hall, more than 60 exhibitors offer a variety of flavors of food, cakes, coffee, cheese, barbecue, and even Cantonese-style morning tea can be found here. You have the opportunity to taste the finest cuisine in Australia and even the award-winning gold medalist on Queensland royal cuisine.

EKKA Exclusive Experience - Finale Fireworks Show
EKKA festive atmosphere has continued until late into the night, the entire playground has been decorated with neon lights like fairy tale. At this point, EKKA finale program - Night Show opening. This is not a simple release of fireworks, but a performance of Australian culture.

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