3 Carnival Rides Operation Skills for More Revenues

Is your park space small with many portable carnival rides?

Many owners wonder how to run the park business for small size park.

Here we introduce 3 practical tips to help you get better operation ways.

Let's go.

1. Use the advantage of height


Although the area is not large, but there is an advantage in the height.

And this height advantage can make up for the lack of area.

In the early planning and design, the advantages of the height will be fully utilized.

And a two- or three-story children's park will be designed.

What is more:

This double or triple-story indoor park is more mysterious and irritating.

Children's curiosity and adventurous spirit will be aroused.

2. Install small but playable carnival rides

Here is the deal:

The space of small park is relatively small.

The best choice is to add portable mobile carnival rides as it use little area.


Pay attention to playability of carnival rides.

indoor amusement rides with poor playability could not save space, but also wastes limited space. 

3. Choose carnival rides with more capacity

This is good:

Carnival rides with more capacity could hold more people and attract more visitors.

What makes it better:

It could create a particularly lively atmosphere to get people's attention and more kids will love to play it.


Size of the area could decide whether the indoor park business can be profitable or not.

The methods and techniques of management actually account.

You could change your park operation way with these 3 tips for a better business.

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