3 carnival rides that suitable for low budget

If you've wondered:

What's the budget to start amusement carnival rides business?
How to make budget for carnival rides?
Is carnival rides expensive?

Well today we'll briefly recommend 3 carnival rides that suitable for low budget.

Let's dive right in.

1. Human Gyroscope Ride

Human Gyroscope Ride is one of portable carnival rides and it is suitable for indoor or outdoor playground, plaza, etc.
Human Gyroscope Ride will definitely bring participants maximum thrill and excitement. And all the players will love the feeling of rotating in 3D space.

2. Motor Race Carnival Rides

Motor Race Ride is a type of mobile rides in the shape of a motor. Based on the computer game "motor racing", riders on the motor will have a real feeling of racing on the field.
This kids amusement ride consists of 5 to 8 arms attached to a central axis, spinning and moving along the ground, while motors at the end of the arms spins on rotation bolts.

3. Portable Mini Flying Chair

Portable mini flying chair ride represents one of the most classic attractions in the market because of its simple and beautiful movement.
The seats of portable mini flying chair can be 12 to 40 and are available in "kiddie" size or "adult" size. Except that, mini flying chair can be decorated as customer's request.

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