3 Tips on Carnival Rides Layout

So you are going to place the carnival equipment for sale you bought and ready to run it for business.

But how is your park design with the large type such as roller coaster and small amusement rides?

Is it well prepared or just randomly arranged?

Here is the truth:

The layout of carnival rides is very important on how your park business going.

And here we list 3 tips for this issue.

1. Place carnival equipment to grab attention

It is easy to understand.

People all like fresh and charming attractive items.

So just put the most attractive rides at the conspicuous place.

It may be the entrance of your park, or the middle place.

Just decide to place your park rides at the place where most people are hanging out.

2. Combined innovation

You might be thinking:

What is the Combined innovation and is there any difference?

Actually it means combine different types of amusement rides forming a unified style of the whole park.


This is based on the actual park situations and require you to make the most of your park rides.

3. Arrange hot and cold carnival equipment carefully


There always exits some popular carnival equipment while some types of park rides attracts few people.

You got to carefully think about this case.

Or your park may not be attractive enough to get people back.

So how to do it?

Try to allocate the popular one with an unwelcome type.


Cause people will in a crowd if you just place all the hot types of equipment in one place.

WIth this way, people could experience different types and avoid to in a rush when playing carnival rides in your park.


Running carnival equipment is not a easy business.

It requires budget, design and other factors.

The 3 tips we discussed in this post might help you get better idea when design your park.

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