3 tips on opening theme park

So you want to open theme park?

Great! But how do you start from scratch without carnival ride manufacturers?

Here we list 3 tips to help you begin.

Let's go.

1. Confirm your target client


You need to know which age group of people you want to attract to your carnival rides.

If your main clients is children, then you need buy more small carnival rides.

Otherwise, you will lose them as kids like cute and mobile rides.

2. Choose suitable space

Here is the deal:

Every business starts with budget.

The more budget, the better space.

If your budget is small, large space is not suitable for your case.

It is better to begin with small space and expand later with your business development.

3. Choose carnival rides

This is the most common issues in amusement industry.

You should buy different types of carnival rides based on your target clients.

Make sure you have reliable resource of suppliers and installation service.


Opening amusement park is not easy.

You could do it better with these 3 tips.

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