Carnival ride manufacturers suggestion

With the rise of the amusement equipment industry, carnival rides is more and more popular.

But how to maintain it and what to consider for the malfunction of amusement rides?

Here we list 2 tips for this issue.

1. Regularly organize the training of operators

Regularly organize the training of operators and equipment maintenance personnel so as to master the operation skills.

Operators should strictly operate in accordance with procedures and instructions from carnival ride manufacturers.

2. Make instructions for visitors

The service staff should explain the operation methods and precautions to the visitors.
Arrange staff to remind the visitors at the danger point to avoid accidents.
The passenger information should state clearly on the physical limitations of the personnel for large carnival equipment.

In summary,  that’s the brief tips of carnival rides maintainence. If you are interested in mobile rides, carnival rides and trailer mounted rides please visit our website ( for more information.

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