Carnival rides operation tips for different regions

So you're going to buy items from carnival ride manufacturers and run it in your chosen place.

But how would you operate your park with different types of site?

Here we list 3 tips to help you go through it.

Let's go.

1. Running indoor carnival rides in grand shopping mall

If your park locates in commercial areas such as shopping malls, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc.

You need to personalise your park to stand out.


As most clients in these places have strong spending power and pursuit of individuality and characteristics.

What should you do?

The bottom line is:

  • The decoration of your park can highlight individuality with stylish amusement rides.
  • Hold activity to attract people engage with your park.
  • Provide high quality service with excellent details

2. Running carnival rides in community area


The main client of the community's amusement park is the family of the community.

So what's the most concern factor among the parents?


The bottom line?

  • Provide a clean, tidy and comfortable environment.
  • Make training for staff to become professional.
  • Set the ticket price not too expensive

3. Running carnival rides in urban area

Amusement rides industry in urban areas is also developing rapidly.

In the towns, the majority of potential clients is grandparents with children

The price is a big factor to attract these people.

The bottom line?

  • You can attract children through free trials
  • Provide card discounts and gifts to attract parents
  • Provide a rest area for the parents to rest

Different types of park need different operation ways.

You need combine the factors of your local area with the situation of your own park.

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