Carnival rides tips on how to get more clients

You run portable carnival rides and want to get more clients.

Is not this your goal?

But almost every park owner has the same aim on running carnival park business.

So how do you beat them and win this competition?

Here we list 3 useful tips that you can use instantly to help you improve your park business.

Let's go.

1. Improve the entrance of your park


Some carnival park locates outside and is surrounded by the complex road.

So you need to notice if it is convenient for customer parking?

Or is it convenient to carry a stroller or wheelchair?

It takes less time to improve this factor to bring more clients to your park since it is easy for people to find and step into it.

2. Objective conditions of your park

In some cases, the obstacles such as sewer and lamppost affect the visitor's experience on your carnival rides.

You should check if there is any obstacle that is unfit for your park and then try to fix it or move it.

This is important as the obstacles could not help you put the mobile rides in a better position.

3. Carnival rides placement and maintenance

Here is the deal:

Carnival rides placement decides if visitors like to stay longer in your park.

Bad placement makes people go away without any ticket sales.

And the good placement?

People would love to rides and stay around.

That's HUGE difference.

So how should you do?

The bottom line is you could put the most popular type in the entrance of your park to attract visitor's attention.


Only children’s parks with their own characteristics will be remembered by customers.

If you want to beat your competitiors, you got to improve your park's layout and placement.

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