5 rarely seen children's amusement park rides, do you know all of them?

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard to recognize all the carnival amusement rides name for kids.

Or is it?

Well, roller coaster, ferris wheel, carousel are very common in children's amusement park.

But in today’s post I’ll show you 5 rarely seen amusement park rides with intro video.

1. Candy Carousel

Almost every park has at least one carousel, but candy carousel is not common in amusement park.

Here is the video of candy carousel

2. Happy Jellyfish

Happy Jellyfish Ride is one kind of new designed amusement park ride.

This ride can dance, because its mini swing rotating parachute has the function of going ups and downs, revolution and rotation.

Here is the video of happy jellyfish

3. Octopus Turntable

Octopus Ride is a rotating amusement equipment with a tilt angle.

it could bring the passengers ups & downs with different feelings.

4. Swing Dolphin for Kids Rides

Swing dolphin is a rotary type recreation water park equipment.

The swing dolphin water park equipment package to popular marine animals" dolphin "as a model, design a cabin of a dolphin.

And with a variety of small marine organisms makes the device more attractive in appearance.

5. Motor Raid Race

Motor Raid Race is designed for kids rides. And it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor parks,

Here is the video of Motor Raid Race

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