How to avoid your bumper car abrasion

You buy Bumper Car from carnival ride manufacturers to grow your park business.

But how do you avoid the abrasion for it?

Here we list 3 tips to help you.

Let's go.

1. Don't in panic

It is common during the Run-in phase.

When the bumper car starts running, the wear speed is very fast.

As the running-in continues, the raised portion of the rough surface is gradually smoothed.

The wear rate is gradually reduced.

When it reaches a certain level, it tends to be stable, and this is the end of the running-in phase.

2. Positively treat it

The bumper-running phase is the conscious use of the slight wear at this stage.

You could use this period in normal operation to make your bumper cars more stable.

Try to obey the rule of load shedding, deceleration and reasonable operation to protect it from excessive abrasion.

3. Avoid damage

Here is how:

Adding a lower viscosity lubricant could help your bumper cars running normally.

Clean the lubrication system and use quality lubricants is great.

It could be better:

Keep the lubricant in constant temperature to make bumper car running stable.


Bumper car is easy to run with less space requirement.

But you need to maintain it carefully to keep it running normally and stable.

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