How to check your carnival rides

If you are the owner of small park, you might not have large budget on portable carnival rides maintain.

And here we recommend 3 main points to help you do it yourself.

Here we go.

1. Check if the connection is firm

The firmness of the connector directly affects the overall firmness.
Operators should always check whether there is any loose or screw falling on each connecting part.

 Remember to tighten them in time to avoid incidents.

2. Ensure the safety of the seat or cabin

Seats are the most important part to carnival rides safety.
Make sure to check the following areas:

  • Handle, seat belt or safety lever fixed, reliable locking, no breakage damage
  • Cockpit skeleton, cabin without cracks, corrosion
3. Inspection circuit

Amusement equipment is inseparable from electricity.
Check whether the electric amusement equipment can operate normally before open it to public.

Just replace any damaged parts to ensure its function.


Actually there is no completely safe carnival rides, but you could improve your safety guarantee with those tips.

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