How to develop the rest area of your park

Many park owners focus on installing portable carnival rides for business.

But they forget to decorate and apply the rest area to attract people.

And here we list 3 tips for this issue.

1. Visual Creation

Here is the deal:

You need to prepare some materials such as spray painting and creative signage to make a impressive Visual to people.


Green color is great for summer and red suitable for winter.

You need to design the layout of rest area to meet your park style.

2. The Music


Everyone wants to hear some light music when resting.

And it also work for your rest area.

You also could play some light music to let clients relax.

3. Tactile Creation

You might wonder:

What is the Tactile Creation?

It means the items that will be in client's hand such as the posters, gifts.

Make sure your desk and sofa is clean in rest area to make a good impression to clients.


Rest area is the most neglected field for park owners.

You should pay attention to it and improve its decoration to attract people back to your park.

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