How to maintain bumper car

Many portable carnival rides are easy to maintain.

But you might still wonder how to do the maintain work in a right way.

And here we recommend 3 tips for the bumper cars.

Here we go.

1. How to maintain bumper car battery


Battery is the power source of bumper car.

It is impossible to run it without the battery.

  • Do not use a quick charger or a non-dedicated charger to charge the battery.
  • The positive and negative poles of the battery and the positive and negative poles of the power cord cannot be reversed.
  • The charger must be placed in a well ventilated area; there should be no flammable or explosive items around.

2. How to maintain bumper car controller

Controller decides how your bumper car move.

It is important to keep the controller in good status.

The bottom line is:

  • Settings, etc. must be operated in standby mode.
  • It is recommended to disassemble and return it to the factory for repair.
  • Whether the controller is powered on can be judged by referring to whether the display digital tube on the controller is lit.

3. How to maintain bumper car charger

  • When charging the charger on the ground, it must be effective to prevent water ingress or flooding.
  • It is forbidden to put the charger on the toy car to charge, so as to avoid the short circuit caused by the charger.
  • The use of the charger must be handled with care.


It is recommend to check the above aspects before use bumper cars.
That is, you need to pay attention to the battery, charger and controller.

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