How to run carnival rides in a community

Are you running portable carnival rides business in a community?

If so, you might wonder how to get more visitors.

And here we list 3 practical tips to help you gain more revenues.

Here we go.

1. Provide free tickets at early stage

Here is the deal:

You could send free entrance tickets to visitors in the beginning stage to attract more people to your site.

This could help you to gather more potential clients in the first stage.

As no one knows your business, you need to provide bonus to attract people to your carnival rides.

2. Promotion should be accurate


You need to know what is the age group of your target clients.

That means you got to know who is your main client to promote.

If it is for new customers, you can choose the most special items for discounts.

If you are maintaining an old customer, you can pick out a special item that is only open to members.

3. Regularly hold interactions promotions

Regular promotions or parent-child activities can increase the popularity of your park business.

What's more:

It could increase the visibility of your park business.


Allowing customers to apply for membership cards allows them to receive corresponding discounts, and also attracts customers to long-term consumption in children's parks.


Although the community has a natural advantage in carnival rides business.

There are many details need to consider when running it.

And you could improve it better with these tips.

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