How to maintain children's carnival rides

    Large children's carnival rides is more complicated than Small mobile rides.

Here we introduce 3 tips for maintenance of kid's 
carnival rides.

Tip 1. Make careful examination of carnival rides

Be sure to make a careful examination of the surrounding environment and remove all kinds of obstacles, debris.


Tip 2. Comply with the rules of the carnival rides

Carnival rides might be damaged due to the improper maintenance , or the behavior of tourists is not standardized.

Operators and visitors, should strictly comply with the rules of the operation of the 
carnival rides.

Do Not ignore these rules to get on ride where you don’t belong. 

Tip 3. Inspect the carnival rides after the bad weather

carnival rides service life will be shortened by the bad weather, such as winds, heavy rain, etc.

Operators should be timely and healthy clean and inspect the equips after the bad weather.

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