How to maintain self-control plane rides

self-control plane rides Self-control plane ride is very common for a large and medium-sized carnival rides.

The novel styling, gorgeous and charming lanterns decorate attracts many tourists.

It is very popular for the majority of children, young people.
So how to maintain the 
Self-control plane ride?
Now we briefly list three tips for reference.

1. T
he inside and outside of self-control plane rides should always keep clean. Make an regular inspection to A new self-control plane rides in after a month,check the whole of the pieces of the situation, make sure the fasteners to be carefully fastened.

2.Check the engine oil, fill gears, and bearings with grease regularly or irregularly. It is important to keep the 
self-control plane rides with good status.

3.Keep self-control plane rides running at least 4-8 hours per month to maintain the machine and electrical system a good working condition,  If the self-control plane rides is not used for a long time.

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