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The European country's recreational facilities are generally based on the standard EN13814 "Playground machinery and building safety". The EU amusement facility standards are as follows:
1, EN13814 Playground machinery and construction safety
2, EN1176-2 Playground equipment - Part 2: Additional special safety requirements and test methods for swing
3, EN1176-3 Playground equipment - Part 3: Additional special safety requirements and test methods for slides
4, EN1176-5 Playground equipment - Part 5: Additional special safety requirements and test methods for merry-go-rounds
5, EN1176-7 Equipment for game sites - Part 7: Guidelines for installation, inspection, maintenance and operation
6, EN1176Bb-1 Playground equipment. Safety requirements and test methods.

As a national standard for recreational facilities. Germany, in addition to the above criteria, has also developed and focused on the following criteria:

1,DIN18034 amusement park and outdoor playground. Project planning and operation requirements and instructions
2, PAS018-1997 children's playground equipment specifications
3, DIN18800-4 steel structure specification - skeleton warping safety protection analysis
The current safety standards for American amusement facilities are a set of standards developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F-24, and the amusement facility industry has developed a range of engineering standards. ASTM F-24 Committee drafted the standard is the United States amusement facilities industry product safety core, it determines the amusement facilities design, manufacture, operation, maintenance, inspection and accident (failure) records and other standard requirements. Some amusement parks, carnivals and manufacturers have voluntarily adopted these standards. 35 states have adopted, at least in part, the standards drafted by the F-24 Committee in their statutes. These amusement facilities ASTM safety standards are unmeasurable in helping industry and governments to develop uniform inspection requirements and weigh on security benefits. But the security standard itself does not have the obligation to ensure compliance. The current ASTM certification standards for deregistration facilities have also been criticized for lack of perfection because the series is too empty and lacks a detailed description.

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