Sinorides back from 2017 GTI Amusement Fair in Guangzhou

As a leading manufacturer of amusement carnival rides and service provider for amusement parks, Sinorides attend major domestic and international trade show every year.

The Amusement exhibition has a total of eight exhibition hall with different themes. This Amusement exhibition attracted hundreds of people from home and abroad to participate in the amusement business.

Sinorides attends the 2017 China Amusement Fair with the latest blue star ride and hot sale mobile rides Lion Of Luck Ride.
Blue star rides is a new design amusement park ride inspired by the movie "AVATAR". It is made up of 8 double seats, passengers can use the laser guns to shoot the targets on the big column and cabins.

Bright colors, dazzling light, humorous voice and beautiful melody Blue star rides bring you into a mysterious star and make you flying in the vast space,let you experience a magical journey into space.
If you have plan to set an amusement park, please enquiry us and let our professional experience to make your amusement park business more successful.

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