The basic structure of the carnival rides

Amusement carnival rides and mobile rides is very common in theme park.

But do you know how they are structured?

And in today’s post we’ll list 10 structure parts for the Portable carnival rides.
1. Basic part
Basic part is the foundation of carnival rides and it consists of the ground foundation, feet and other components.
2. Support part
It contains the pillars, beams and other components.
3. Drive part
It includes the power, internal combustion engine.
4. Transmission part
It has the mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission and pneumatic transmission.
5. Running part
It covers the cockpit, wheel, turn hip and other components.
6. Operation part
It refers the operating room, console, operating handle and other components.
7. Control part
Control part has the control device and control procedures for amusement rides.
8. Decorative part
Amusement carnival rides and mobile rides is mainly decorated by the appearance and lighting.
9. Turntable part
Turntable part is mainly composed by the passenger platform and passenger ladder.
10. Isolation part
Isolation part is very necessary for the safety of amusement park. It is mainly made by the security fence, transition fence and other components.

That’s our brief introduction on structure of the carnival rides, If you are interested in 
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