5 tips for amusement carnival rides maintenance

If you’ve wondered:
Is there any tips on amusement carnival rides maintenance?
How to maintain amusement mobile rides?
Well in today’s post we’ll list 5 tips that suit for All amusement carnival rides  maintenance.

Tip 1. How to clean Plastic and glass parts of amusement carnival rides
Put the soft cloth into a dilute aqueous solution with a neutral detergent. Clean with a soft cloth after soaking, then rinse with water.
Tip 2. How to clean soft sponge section of amusement carnival rides
Wash the detergent with a soft cloth and then wipe it. Put it outside to dry after the surface cleaning.
Tip 3. How to clean wooden part of amusement carnival rides
Wash wooden part with soap and water. Make disinfection with a low concentration of disinfectant spray on the surface.
Tip 4. How to rust the metal part of the amusement carnival rides
Brush with a brush to rust, wipe with a dry cloth. Then Paint to make a protective layer, and then clean, dried after Paint are all dry.
Tip 5. How to clean the Circuit electrical part of amusement carnival rides
First make sure to power off, Wipe with an almost dry damp cloth. Switch on the power after the Circuit electrical part is completely dry.
Well, that’s the brief listing of amusement rides maintenance. If you are interested in mobile rides, carnival rides and trailer mounted rides please visit our website (www.mobilerides.com) for more information.


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