4 tips on amusement rides safety

Accidents happen at theme parks, from skinned knees to serious ride malfunctions.
But theme parks have a number of safety measures in place to ensure that your family's time there is fun and incident-free.

Here we will give you 4 amusement carnival rides safety tips to keep your family safe and sound, where you can enjoy the day instead of worrying!
1.Keep Your Eyes on Your Kids

Losing a kid in the crowd is any parent's nightmare. As soon as you arrive, point out safe places, like a park info kiosk, and safe people, like park security, that can help your kids if they get lost. 
Tell your under-10 child that if she gets separated from Mom or Dad, she is to stay put and let you find her. Remind her never to exit a theme park or go to a venue's parking lot, which provides an easy getaway to predators.
2. Follow Park Rules

Posted signs and employees-stated rules are not there to put a damper on your fun – they are there to keep you safe! So read them up, follow them and then have a great time!
3. Choose Age-Appropriate Rides

Make sure the kids understand and can follow all safety rules.
This is particularly important on slower rides, which don't always require safety restraints. Teach your kids to ride "eyes front" to protect their neck during sudden movements.
4. Take Breaks Between High-Speed Rides

Take a 10- to 15-minute break between extreme rides, or any ride where a child is jostled around. This simple step allows your body to adjust and equilibrate. 

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