3 tips on carnival rides at the start of School season

Carnival park has been crowed with people during the summer.
But how to keep amusement carnival rides business at the start of School season?
Here we list 3 useful tips.
Let's dive in.
Tip 1. Organise event
Making a batch of school supplies,for instance, pencil, school bags printed with LOGO of your park before school season.
Through the event, let the children participate in the game, the winner can win prizes.
Attract the pre-school kids to do activities during the Off-season, you can organize parent-child activities and games at night.
Winner can not only get a small gift, but also get an experience ticket of your park.
Tip 2.Personnel equipment
Carnival rides runs mostly at full capacity at summer,we could make maintenance
to the Carnival rides and mobbile rides In the school off-season to avoid accident.
Meanwhile, Employees could get a reasonable rest time with the implementation of a reasonable shift system.
Tip 3.Service efforts
Strengthen the Service efforts to children and parents,send message or call to member at the major and commemorative day.Increase children and parents loyalty to your park.

Well, that’s the brief tips of carnival rides business at the start of School season. If you are interested in mobile rides, carnival rides and trailer mounted rides please visit our website (www.mobilerides.com) for more information.

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