6 trends of kiddie amusement rides

I think you’ll agree with me when I say: 
There’re so many kiddie amusement carnival rides and it’s hard to figure out how they developed.
Well, in today’s post we’ll brief list 6 trends of kiddie amusement rides development.

Trend 1. Become more Landscaping
Put the internal logic of the amusement park into materialized and visual impact of the landscape. So that visitors feel the culture theme of the amusement park.
Trend 2. Easy to Experience
Put the theme of the culture of the amusement park into a process so that visitors could have awareness and resonance of cultural values.
Trend 3. Interactive
The interaction between the staff and the tourists, the interaction between the performers and the tourists. Interactive arrangements so that people in a sense of participation, experience a lot of satisfaction.
Trend 4. Leisurely
Slow down the amusement process to Enjoy the cultural connotation of high-end products.
Trend 5. Props commercialization
The characteristic mark and mascot can be changed into props, souvenirs to tourists.
This way is called props commercialization. Props could enhance the theme of the park's participation and extend the visitors experience.
Trend 6. More Amusement
Make the amusement park More Amusement with a large number of new and high technology amusement mobile rides to improve tourists experience in the amusement park.

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