What Makes Space Hunting Amusement Ride Different?

Space Hunting Ride is one of the most popular amusement ride in 2017.
The super great FRP
the wonderful lights
the exciting games
the coolest electric screen
the good-looking imitation gun
the comfortable cabin
amusement ride
Space Hunting Amusement Ride mix the video games with mechanical movements together
It includes three kinds of game, and you can change according your hobbies.

At present, the Space Hunting Ride includes 3 kinds of game: Sea World, Travel in Space and Jurassic Park.
What's more, we can chang the games according your requirements.
In addition, even if you place it outdoor where there is dtrong sunshine, you can see clearly the picture on the screen.
Tip: If one piece of the screen, we can change it for free, and Sinorides will give you extral accessories for free.

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