Why your carnival rides not making money

As a park owner, you may purchase attractive items from carnival ride manufacturers and hope people coming to play it.

But little people become your clients and you are struggling to figure out the reason.

And here we list 3 tips to help you solve this problem.

Let's dive in.

1. Self-check of your carnival business


There always exists excellent business competitor.

And you need to compare your business with them to find where you are not doing good.

For example, you might find your visitors quantity is not large enough and it could lead you to take related ways to improve it.

2. Analyze the ROI

ROI is the revenue on investment of your business.

Here is the deal:

Not getting profit means your ROI is low.

And you need to list all the possible cost and analyze which is not effective on revenue.

Just cut off unnecessary budget and focus on main resources such as carnival rides and site venue.

3. Improve user stickiness for your carnival park

Regarding the user stickiness, i think you've seen the member card and discount.

In addition to those common manners, you could also use the Simple Card for kids to let them play again.

Here is how it works:

You stamp on the simple card once kids come to your portable carnival rides.

And children could play for free when they collect 10 stamps on their simple card.

In this way, kids are more likely to come to play your mobile rides again.

And your revenues will also improve.


There are many factors decide if your carnival rides business get profits.

What you need to do is try best to spend less and get more return.

And with these tips, you could do it by yourself quickly.

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